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Office Christmas Decorations Ideas 2022 – Glitz Up Your Office Décor

December 7, 2022

When the winter season arrives, we get to see festive vibes not only in the streets, shops, and homes but also it enters the office, especially during the time of Christmas and new year celebrations. The formal ambiance of the office gets a bit more relaxed, and employees enjoy their work in a pleasant atmosphere. If you are looking for some unique office Christmas decorations ideas, this blog will prove helpful for you.

Here, you will come to know about some useful tips that you can apply to create a pleasant and warm touch for employees without hampering the vibes of office culture. Christmas decorating ideas for the office is one of a kind Christmas celebration at the workplace.

Table of contents

  • Office Christmas decorations ideas
  • Christmas office party game ideas
  • Christmas office gifting ideas for employees
  • Conclusion

This blog is divided into these four sections so that readers can easily get specific information as per their requirements. Now, let’s start with décor ideas first –

Decorating the office during the time of Christmas is a great way to create a team spirit by involving all employees in the task. Working collaboratively on anything always promotes fellowship and everyone enjoys this festive vibe. Office Christmas decorations ideas open up many opportunities to showcase one’s skill and creativity to others.

Office Christmas decorations ideas

Almost each and every place turns into a winter wonderland when Christmas is knocking on the door. Lush green and vibrant wreaths, twinkling lights, and scented candles, all these things set the perfect celebration mood. To help you in turning your office into a winter wonderland during the time of Christmas, we have come up with some stunning Christmas décor ideas for office decoration. Now, let’s have a look at those ideas below –

Decoration of a Christmas tree will be the best office Christmas decorations ideas

office Christmas decorations ideas
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Start your Christmas office decorations with a Christmas tree. Well, it may sound common, but this is the most important part without which your decoration will look incomplete. It looks more striking and decorative when you beautify it with different items. You can either opt for a large Christmas tree or a small one and adorn its look with bright colors in the most creative way. To give it a professional touch, you can use corporate colors to give it a customized look.

Christmas banners and posters can be used as office Christmas decorations

Office Christmas Decorations Ideas


When it comes to Christmas celebrations, banners, and posters play an important role. You can opt for digitally printed custom posters and custom banners to glam up the look of the office. This creates a fun and festive environment all around. Since these are digital posters and banners, you can customize their look by adding the company name and logo. It will make the whole décor more enticing. It is one of the creative Christmas decorating ideas for the office.

Decorate computers for office Christmas decorations

Who says technology can’t be decorated? Computers are omnipresent in all offices. Then why not decorate them? Look for decorative wallpapers and screensavers. Add your company name or logo and create a personalized Christmas theme. Isn’t it so easy? Of course, it is. If you want, you can also add some tiny Christmas decorative items in front of your computer.

Use decorated office desks as office Christmas decorations


Christmas decorating ideas for office
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Your desktop is your workplace, and you should not give miss decorating it during Christmas. You can adorn your workplace to your taste. If you want, you can add a red candle or a Christmas figurine to enhance the look. You have the freedom to decorate your personal workspace in your way and just like you if all employees decorate their desks with small little things, the whole office décor will look stunning. You can use Christmas themed wallpaper on your desktop as an office Christmas decorations idea.

Decorate shared spaces for Christmas office decorations

Christmas office decorations

Whether it is the office cafeteria or conference room, these places also should be decorated with different types of Christmas drawings, Christmas banners, posters, and wreaths. Make sure everything should be decorated in a subtle way without overloading the look with too many Christmas office decorations stuff.

Showcase the color of Christmas

We all are aware that Christmas is an occasion that is comprised of three colors – white, red, and green. To enhance the glamor of your Christmas décor, you can add a shining touch to them. Reflect the colors of Christmas while ordering Christmas cakes, and decorate the table for a Christmas party with a digitally printed table runner or table cover where you can print your company name and logo and make it a perfect theme party for Christmas.

Think beyond ordinary for office Christmas decorations

Is it required to decorate the office with a few common decorative items? The answer is a big NO. You can use different types of stuff for decorating office window panels and sofas and the whole office space will look Christmas-ready.

Christmas office party game ideas

Celebrating any occasion with co-workers relieves work stress and pressure. And Christmas is a festival where everyone in the office participates in creating a real festive vibe all around. To make this occasion more fun-filled and enjoyable, you can add a wide range of games to make it an unforgettable event for everyone.

Here are some Christmas office party games ideas that you can try out this Christmas. Let’s have a look at them below-

Beer Pong – Christmas office party game

Christmas decorating ideas for office
Pic Courtesy: Draftmag

It is a great game to play with lots of fun and enjoyment. In this game, you need to place small cups on both sides of the table and pour beer into them. On each side of the table, members can participate and place a ball on the cup of the other member. Whoever’s cup holds the ball must drink the beer from the cup.


It is an exciting game that you can play and enjoy with your teammates. The fun part of this game is that when people draw some weird images on the canvass and others need to identify the character by seeing the images. This is a mind game that is worth enjoying.

Dumb charades

One of the fun playing games that can add extra enjoyment to Christmas eve is dumb Charades. One person will do some hand gestures being numb and the other person needs to recognize what he is trying to say. You can play this game for a time without getting tired.

Christmas office gifting ideas

Employees are the real strength of an organization. When a business achieves new heights of success, it is only because of the hard work and dedication of the resources of the organization. Therefore, keeping employees happy is crucial thing. Along with office Christmas decorations ideas, it is important to think about Christmas gifting ideas for employees because this eve is meant for gifts and goodies. Here, in this part of the content, you will get some exciting Christmas gifting ideas for employees. Let’s have a look at those ideas below –

Holiday cookies as Christmas office gifting ideas

Christmas office decorations
Pic Courtesy: The Wicked Noodle

You can gift a packet of holiday cookies in a digitally printed Christmas custom gift wrap. To give it a personalized look, you can print your company name and logo on the wrap. As it is said Christmas is the occasion of gifts and sweets, so this holiday cookies gift box can be an ideal corporate gift for employees. If you want, you can put the employee’s name on the box.

A cardholder can be a good Christmas office gifting Idea

A cardholder is an important tool for employees, especially for those who are in the marketing sector. They need to visit many places or contact different clients; these

cardholders make it easy for them to keep their cards safely and help them establish contact with them. It is one of the inexpensive Christmas gifts for employees.

Use gift hampers for employees as office Christmas gift

Create a gift hamper by placing multiple gift items in a box and giving it to your employees this Christmas. It will give them a bundle of surprises and make them feel delighted to be a part of the organization. you can wrap the gifts in the gift hamper with custom gift wraps putting your company name and logo and making it stand out.

Therefore, if you planning to throw a party this Christmas, go through this blog or if you are looking for Christmas office door decoration ideas then we have some suggestions for you. It will give you a lot of information to make the occasion more enjoyable and delightful with stunning Christmas decorations, delicious food, and fun games. So, make sure you make all the arrangements beforehand especially, custom printed banners, posters, table covers, table runners, and gift wraps. When searching for these custom items, ARC Print – one of the top digital printing companies in the US – is the right place for you.

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